About Sensei John

What I Do

Simply put...

My name is John Vercelletto. I am a Certified Personal Health Coach who helps diabetics and others reduce their reliance on medications, lose weight, and gain energy naturally without deprivation diets or strenuous exercise. 

Who I Am

The Longer Story

As a health coach, I go beyond giving information. Information is useless without action because there is a difference between knowing something and doing it, between I want to do it, and I did it. I feel it’s my job to find the blockage and spark a change in you so you too can become a master of habit change.

I am a diabetic who was on 4 medications after trying at least 8 different types. The doctor finally gave up and told me I was going on insulin. I refused and searched for natural means to help with his diabetes. After a year of research, trial and error, and determination, I found a solution which I implemented. 3 months later I was off all diabetic medications and my A1C went from 11.3 to 6.4. In the process, I lost 45 pounds.

This inspired me to help others. I held a free seminar and told others exactly what I did. Some followed the plan and did well, others decided they were fine the way they were, and they are still on medication today. One of those participants said "This is great knowledge, but you won’t be taken seriously without formal training."  So I studied and worked to become a certified health coach and now help others with various issues become healthy and reduce or eliminate their need for medications and lose weight.

My sessions with you include my experience and knowledge gained from receiving my certificate as a Certified Health Coach, a CPD Certified Certificate in Diet and Nutrition, a certificate in Counseling from St. Joseph’s College in NY, and 25 years of experience as a Master Certified Clinical Hypnotist as well as knowledge in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and habit change.

My 90 day program is like nothing you would expect. I work with you in many ways, but as a team, not a dictator. We find the right program for you rather than fit you to the program. Not everyone wants to go vegan, so helping you make educated decisions based on where you are at and making gradual changes over time is key to your success.

I am offering a free one hour discovery session so you can see how I work and if I am a good fit for you. There is no obligation. Make an appointment today.