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CBD Information Session

Cost is $75 for the 3 months (That’s only $25 a month, less than $1 a day!

Join TODAY and bring a friend for FREE. That’s right, sign up today and register a friend along with you. You can let them come for free or split the cost so it only costs you $37.50 each.

What is Project Self Healing and the 90 Day Transformation Challenge?

This online program is like nothing else you’ve ever experienced! It’s a proven diet and wellness program to help you lose weight and feel better. But as a bonus it includes an optional experimental program that I think creates an environment for self-healing.

You can choose to utilize any or all aspects of this program as you need or want.

Who is the program for (You must be 18 or older):

  • Anyone who wants to stay or get healthy
  • Anyone who wants to lose weight
  • Anyone with an illness or chronic condition like diabetes, fibromyalgia, arhtritis, even cancer who wants the experiment with self-healing

YES it’s a diet. A way of eating that I believe to be the healthiest diet for keeping or making you healthy.

But that’s where most diets and programs end. Ours goes much further.

Why? The reason is two-fold…

  1. Although diet is a huge part of being and staying healthy, and arguably the most important, it isn’t the only aspect.
  2. Information is useless if you can’t or won’t implement it.

SO, I’ve created a program that helps you build what I call a health shield. It’s a multifaceted (yet easy to implement) plan that removes the downfalls of all other plans by filling in the gaps they create.


Part of the program includes aspects that I believe will actually help your body to heal on it’s own (Self-Healing!) (No, I can not guarantee you will heal yourself, but I do believe this gives you the best chance to do just that.)


Because the program includes:

  • Dietary guidelines that are PROVEN to be healthy (and easy to follow)
  • Motivation and Inspiration
  • We work on your body, mind, and spirit, not only on your weight or health.
  • BONUS EXPERIMENT IN SELF HEALING: We will incorporate prayer, visualization, and meditation as a group (You can pray or not as you wish to whomever you wish and you will learn to do it on your own)

This program is perfect because it:

  • Includes all the information you need to not only lose weight, but possibly reduce or eliminate your medications and gives your body the best chance to heal itself.
  • Requires no purchases like potions, powders or pills. Just go to the food store and buy food!
  • is completely online!
  • Includes 2 – 30 minute one on one personal sessions (no selling, these are real personal health coaching sessions)
  • Includes a built-in lifetime support group where your questions can be answered by not only the community, but by John (The Sensei of Wellness) as well.
  • 12 weeks of LIVE online group classes which includes time for Q&A.
  • Recorded video lessons you can revisit and review
  • Handouts so you have everything at your fingertips