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Here is a listing of my upcoming events including workshops, lectures, seminars, and more!

Online Diabetes Program with Lifetime Support and Community Group

Diabetic? Prediabetic? At RISK for Diabetes?

YES? Then congratulations, You’ve found a health and wellness program designed just for your situation! You’ll learn exactly how John himself took control of his diabetes and reduced/eliminated his medications and avoided going on insulin!

This program is perfect because:

  • Includes all the information you need to possibly reduce or eliminate your medications and/or insulin.
  • Fix your insulin sensitivity
  • It’s completely online!
  • Includes 2 one on one personal sessions (no selling, these are real personal health coaching sessions)
  • A built in lifetime support group where your questions can be answered by not only the community, but by John (The Sensei of Wellness) as well.
  • 16 Weeks of weekly LIVE online group classes which includes time for Q&A.