HPV Gardasil Vaccine Mandate

HPV Gardasil Vaccine Mandate

I want to state that this post isn’t about anti or pro vaccinations. It is about parental (and personal) rights. Period. For the record, my current position is that I am against vaccinations whose health risks outweight the benefits, that is all.

NYS is about to pass a law mandating the HPV Vaccine (Gardasil) for all children in the public school system. I believe this law has already been passed in other states. You should against this bill because it MANDATES that you have your child vaccinated for a disease that has 0 risk for the children we are vaccinating and the risks of the vaccine are tremendous. If you have time, watch this video by RFK Jr. as he explains it all. If you’d like, scroll down past the video and read just a very quick summary.

Here are the facts…

  • The danger of dying from cervical cancer in the U.S. is 1 in 43,500 people. The truth is, pap smears have alredy saved 80% of the risk of dying from cervical cancer.
  • The age of those at risk are in their 50’s.
  • The vaccine is targeting (and mandated) on preteens and teens. Considering the vaccine only lasts 5-6 years, this means we aren’t vaccinating the risk group but rather the group that has 0 risk.

Some proponents may say that the it reduces the risk of dying from cervical cancer (yet to really be proven if you look at the study) but again, the group getting the vaccine are not the ones with the risk. Even if as proponents say it prevents you from getting the STD HPV, which can cause cervical cancer, the risk of a young person dying from it is practically non-existant. But let’s say it does all that.

  • The vaccine contains a toxic neurotoxin to allow it to last longer which can cause havoc on the body.
  • The risk study showed that 2.3% (1 in 40 people) will get an autoimmune disease within 6 months.

Given the following facts…

  • The group of pre-teens and teens have 0 risk
  • Only a 1 in 43,500 overall risk of dying from cervical cancer later in life
  • Teens then have a 100x more likely chance of having a serious medical event like getting a debilitating autoimmune disease from the vaccine compared to being protected from cervical cancer

Would you really want to give your child a vaccine that MAY  avoid a 1 in 43,500 chance of dying later in life of cervical cancer but is 100 times more likely (1 in 40) to get an autoimmune disease?

Shouldn’t we as parents have the right to decide?

This is insane to say the least and if you don’t get that this is all about money for Merck, then you’re mistaken.

With that said, if you think it’s worth the risk, it’s your decision, and I respect that decision. And that’s the point. It should be your decision. Not a mandate from an overreaching government. And please take 30 minutes and watch the video above before you make that decision.

Say NO in NY, write to your reps. And watch for laws coming soon to your state.

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