"I am a Speaker and Certified Personal Health Coach who helps diabetics and others reduce their reliance on medications, lose weight, and gain energy naturally without deprivation diets or strenuous exercise. All while focusing on your health and wellness!"

Long Island's premiere health coach and wellness speaker has gone nationwide!

Hi, and welcome to Sensei of Wellness, home of health coach and speaker John Vercelletto. John is one of Long Island's premier health coaches and now can work online with you nationwide via video chat. Give John 90 days to transform your health and your life. John realizes that giving you tons of information will do nothing if you can't stay on track. That's why his new 90-day ESCAPE Plan is geared to get to the root causes and deal with not only the food aspect but the "you" aspect of your health.

"I believe a multifaceted approach to health and weight loss is the key to success. It's not all about the food!"

John also does group classes, seminars, and workshops, as well as keynote talks and one on one client sessions. Schedule your discovery session today or visit our events calendar for information about my upcoming events.

All the good stuff, none of the bad!

A plan that focuses on health not weight loss, that will come naturally. All the good, with NO calorie counting, strenuous exercise, pills, potions, powders, hunger! 


Calories are not calories, no matter what you've been told. Do you think 100 calories of Oreos are the same as 100 calories of broccoli? Limiting calories, points, whatever you call it, just doesn't work. Eat food. Real, unprocessed, natural food. With a few minor tweaks to your diet, you'll be losing weight and getting healthier in no time. My plan fits in with most diets of choice. There is no counting, and no deprivation/starvation.


Movement is key to keeping healthy, BUT militant exercise, though it has benefits, is not needed to lose weight. It takes jogging 6 miles in about an hour to burn off a big mac with large fries. So the whole you must burn off more calories than you consume theory is just too difficult and won't last long for most people. Injuries can also occur. 


My goal when I was trying to control my diabetes was to remove my medications and stay off insulin. Medications when needed, should be taken. Some are just plain miracles. BUT they should not be taken unnecessarily and not as an easy way to lose weight. So diet pills are not included in our plan. We use natural foods and other techniques to lose weight and heal your body.

Here's What My Client's Say

  • I enjoyed the frequent tips and questions to keep us involved and interaction going. I have been preoccupied a lot with life challenges but really have learned a lot, including how to challenge myself and my choices. I think recipes/recipe sites and just lots of meal planning help would be great daily. :-) I'm kind of lazy about that...


    Online Challenge Member

  • I really enjoyed your online challenge. The accountability that I felt from it even though there was no pressure was great. I didnt want to let me "teammates" down. I would participate with another one of your groups if you started one. Thanks to you John after a few short weeks, I am wearing a belt again!!! <3


    Online Challenge Member

  • John does much more than just providing nutritional information or a specific diet plan. We could all Google any type of diet we want but if we're not gonna follow it or stick with it what's the point? Right? He has helped me with support, information, working through my specific challenges and for the first time, I can say my mindset is truly changing. I'm learning to care for and nourish myself - body and mind. He challenges my thought process and has helped me listen to my body to decide what will work best for me. It is truly an interactive process, not a dictated, one size fits all diet plan. I can't say enough positive things. In just a few weeks working with him on his latest program, I’ve learned a great amount about nutrition. Most importantly, we’ve been tackling the mental and emotional part that has been getting in the way of my road to health, wellness, and happiness for 10 years. I’m down 20 lbs, have less anxiety and feel a sense of accomplishment and self-improvement. John also works with me on my individual issues (such as hormone imbalance) and tailors the program to meet my body’s needs. I will be working with him as I Continue to improve my health and my life and reach my long-term goals.


    One on One Client and Group Member

  • Thank you John Vercelletto for spending so much time with me tonight and putting together such a well-organized plan (that's actually doable) for eating my way back to good health!! Your charts were wonderful and I know they were put together with much care and love. I will be putting them to action starting tomorrow as I'm determined to give science a helping hand. Together I feel confident that we can reverse some of this damage and prevent any further momentum of this lymphoma that just waits for an opening, for just one slip up. My Sloan team is amazing and they support any natural interventions like the one you laid out. I learned a lot from you tonight. God bless you! I will keep you in the loop at every blood test check in and I believe you're onto something good here. I'm excited about it!!

    One on One Client

  • I highly recommend John's new Program, for several reasons..... I consistently find John to be a man of his word, kind and generous. Also, John is extremely informative and very knowledgeable about all aspects of physical and mental health. He has wonderful follow up and I feel extremely lucky to have him in my corner during my journey to good health.


    Group Member

  • I must give a well deserved "kudos" to John. His class is educational as well as inspirational and to top it off, fun. I have implemented many of the keys he teaches which has given me a new way to eat, to live and as an added bonus I have lost weight. He truly cares about each individual and willingly puts in the time necessary to help you achieve your goals. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking a healthier way of living. Thank you Sensei!


    20 Week Workshop Member

  • My goal was to lose 25 pounds. After that I just kept losing. I am down 35 pounds now and I am not complaining. I am ecstatic!


    20 Week Workshop Member

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