General Rules for Food Combining

Food combining is a safe and effective way to get in all your food groups while keeping your digestive system happy. It is a healthy way of eating because your food digests easier and doesn't cause toxic waste in your digestive system that will eventually require cleaning out. It helps your food digest easier, therefore allowing the nutrients to absorb into your system more easily.
  • Doesn’t cause blood sugar spikes
  • Doesn’t create toxic food in your digestive system
  • Eases bloating, gas, constipation, diarrhea, and just a general better feeling
  • Allows food (and nutrients) to enter your system quicker and more efficiently
  • t’s very simple, but not easy.
General Guidelines to follow:
  • Don’t combine food types (Food Combining)
  • Eat plenty of vegetables and greens with every meal
  • Follow the food restrictions from Core 3.
  • Start your day with Fresh Fruit for nutrients and energy.
  • Workout days should include protein isolate if you can to avoid losing muscle
The Rules
  • Never eat Fruits with anything else during a meal
  • Never eat proteins and carbs at the same meal
  • Never eat fats with carbs
  • Eat Vegetables and Greens with all carb and protein meals
  • ¾ of your plate should be vegetables and greens, ¼ protein OR carbs.
  • Once you have a protein meal, don’t go back to carbs or fruit until the next day
Your plates should look like this.

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