Preparation and Things to Know

  • You need to make a choice of what will control you
  • You need to mentally prepare yourself after you make your decision
  • You MUST take your blood sugar readings AT LEAST 2X a day, preferably 3 or more.
  • (Morning, 2-3 hours after meals, bedtime)
  • You MUST work with your doctor to let he/she know you are doing this so they can work with your insulin or medication dosages.
  • Do not take no for an answer without good reason. Find another doctor if there is no good reason. Use logic.
  • Do NOT just stop your medication.
  • You must gradually come off your medication (insulin) based on your numbers and what you eat.
  • Be logically in taking / not taking / reducing your medications / insulin.
  • If possible, keep in contact with your doctor throughout.
  • Be prepared as your sugar will go down quickly and stay there, the gradually go lower over a couple of months.

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