The Liver Facts

  • Your liver filters harmful toxins out of 30% of your blood every minute.
  • It distributes and stores nutrients your body needs.
  • Your liver is supposed to play a bigger role in leveling blood sugar than your pancreas by not only removing, but also adding glucose if needed.
  • Your liver is 100x more effective than the pancreas.
  • The hormone IGF (Insulin Like Growth Hormone) is made to keep your sugar level at around 100.
  • When your body needs sugar, it tries to find it in it’s storage, if it can’t, it turns fat into sugar.
  • IF your liver isn’t functioning properly, it can’t remove the fat from the blood stream.
  • Improving your liver by just 20% will help take the stress off the pancreas and its insulin production.
  • This is the most important part of this program. You MUST have a healthy liver.

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