"I am a Speaker and Certified Personal Health Coach who helps diabetics and others reduce their reliance on medications, lose weight, and gain energy naturally without deprivation diets or strenuous exercise. All while focusing on your health and wellness!"

As a health coach, I should not promote things for the sake of promotion. I should also only recommend things that I have found them to be better than others. A doctor gets kickbacks and lunches and trips from pharmaceutical companies to push their medicines. I will never tell you, you need to take a supplement, though I may suggest you ask your physician if there is a reason. If you are looking for certain supplements or products, below is a list of those I feel are good and I would recommend. Some of the links may be affiliate links and help to offset the cost of the website, podcast, and programs I run. That doesn't mean I put them here to make money. I would never recommend something I wouldn't take or use myself.

Recommended Books

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"The Obesity Code" is probably my favorite book on the subject, short, to the point, covers it all! Dr. Jason Fung spells it all out with scientific research, but just enough to make the point. For more scientific data see "Good Calories, Bad, Calories" later on in my list.

In this book "Food, What The Heck Should I Eat?" Dr. Mark Hyman breaks down each food group and tells you what to eat and why! He goes over what to avoid, and many more tips.

In my opinion, "Good Calories, Bad Calories" is the best, most comprehensive, most scientific book on the subject. It's long and full of scientific research data so it's not a quick read nor for the faint of heart. If you're a research data junky, get this book by Gary Taubes. It's obvious "The Obesity Code" was based on this book, so get that for a shorter read.

"Genius Foods" is genius. If you're looking for information on brain health, dementia, Alzheimer's, depression, and more, then this is the book for you. Max Lugavere does an amazing job.

If you read "The Obesity Code" by Dr. Jason Fung, then you probably won't need to read "The Diabetes Code". It's very similar but has more specific information about diabetes. If you're diabetic, get this one instead but the other also discusses diabetes often

Cholesterol is one of the biggest lies in the health world. My life was almost destroyed by a doctor that put me on a statin without even having high cholesterol. Read "The Great Cholesterol Myth" by Johnny Boden and Dr. Stephen Sinatra. Understand the truth about cholesterol before you take any medications. like statins.

"The Big Fat Surprise" an all out history lesson on how fat became the villian and why we are now in the worst health of our lives. This book is LONG and relentless in its goal to make sure you understand how fat is GOOD and HEALTHY. If you want to know everything there is to know about the research and downfalls of the low-fat diet, this is the book. If you just want to know what to do, get a different shorter book. Or just go eat good healthy fat. Like butter, lard, etc. You know, like grandma used to use!

"Mini-Habits" by Stephen Guise is an interesting take on how to get your body and mind to agree with your goals. I don't agree with all his philosophies on health and nutrition and how to handle it all, but his thoughts on using mini-habits may be just what you need to get your goals to align with your actions.

"The One Thing" by Gary Keller, is not a health book, or is it? Get your health (and life) back in line with your goals by doing "the one thing" that will move your health (and life) forward. Struggling to do many things all at once is not the best plan of action. This book teaches you how to do just one thing, the right thing, at a time.

Undoctored: Why Health Care Has Failed You and How You Can Become Smarter Than Your Doctor by Dr. William Davis (the same Dr. that brought you "Wheat Belly" is back and tells us how the healthcare industry has failed us. He goes through the lies we were told and why. He tells us how we can educate ourselves and be smarter than our doctor so we can work with our doctors to be our own advocates. Get this book along with the next one on my list, "Lies my doctor told me".

"Lies my doctor told me" by Dr. Ken Berry is another great book that explains all the incorrect guidelines we follow in our goal of being healthy. Why the data is incorrect or just plain lies. What we should really understand and what to ask your doctor so you can make truly informed medical decisions.

"A MIND OF YOUR OWN" by Kelly Brogan, MD is a book about dealing with depression and issues of the mind through nutrition, meditation, stress relief, exercise, and more. All of these things have been shown to help with these issues. I do think she may take the issue and some need for medication too lightly. I agree that all alternatives should be tried and that these things can be very helpful, but I also think that someitmes, medication may be needed as an immediate remedy in severe instances. I also don't 100% agree with the nutrition part of the plan though to be fair I read the book a while ago and don't remember exactly what the plan was. But in general the principles from the book are sound and certainly worth trying before medication if possible.

Recommended Supplements

I don't recommend too many supplements. I prefer you use food for your nutrients. However, I realize the reality that most of us probably aren't getting EVERYTHING we need and some nutrients are more important than others. So here is a short list of supplements I recommend most people take and the brands I recommend.

I LOVE Persona Nutrition

Great high quality vitamins in personalized packs created just for you. For the nutrition you need with the ease of perfectly timed daily packs.

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Happy Coffee!

Happy Coffee? YES! Coffee that makes you happy!

Coffee that makes you happy? YES! And hot chocolate too, along with a lemon zest drink.
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Krill Oil by NDXusa - $27.99


Everyone who doesn't eat a lot of fatty fish needs to have an omega3 fish oil supplement. My preference is Antarctic Krill Oil. It has many benefits over fish oil, less mercury (if any) and other toxins, more absorbable, and more.

CBD Oil and Cannabis Products
We have all become cannabinoid deficient since our government in their infinite wisdom banned hemp products. (This isn't about marijuana, hemp is different). Search the health benefits of CBD or Cannabinoids and you'll see the health benefits. EVERYONE should be taking some CBD and Kannaway is the best, legal, and company of firsts in the industry being owned by Medical Marijuana Inc. (This isn't marijuana). So get healthy not high!Visit http://www.healthywithhemp.com for more details and to order your CBD products.
Questions? Contact me. Other companies don't compare, if you are thinking about another company, let me know and I'll explain why you are making a mistake.

Recommended Natural Cleaners

Natural cleaners are expensive. More than typical chemical based brand names and most don't work as well. That is except for Melaleuca cleaners. This health and wellness company has some great products. They started with cleaners and now has over 400 products. Not all their products are great because they aren't as health conscious as I would like. BUT their cleaners, including laundry soap, are fantastic. They are highly concentrated (for example, one bottle of their all-purpose cleaner is under $6, but makes 6 bottles as it's 12x concentrate. That saves on plastic. You buy a spray bottle from them one time for like $1.50 and use it over and over again. You just order the small refill that you mix just a small amount with 12x the water. It saves plastic and the environment. ( FULL DISCLOSURE: I love and believe in them so much I became a marketing executive so I get a commission if you buy. BUT know as a health coach, I only recommend things I believe in and only if I think it can help you specifically. )

Go to: https://www.melaleuca.com/healthsensei for more info and to check it out. Contact me if you decide you want to sign up as a preferred customer and I'll get you signed up and ordering.

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